Check it out on my insta feed I will be posting later @cookingatno12 . I look forward to hearing from you soon. I’d be happy to help you succeed, since so many other people appear to have no problem with this recipe. Since this is a yeast-free recipe, you don’t need to let the dough sit for more than 20 minutes. Thank you for this delicious simple recipe! Just made it as I was in a rush and it turned out brilliantly. Cover the bowl with a kitchen towel and let it sit for 20 minutes. pair well with creamy curries or dal. Since I never have milk on hand, I used some watered down yogurt (coconut flavored Greek style) like another commentor mentioned, and added powdered onion and garlic to the dry ingredients. Sprinkle minced garlic and chopped … Roll one piece of dough until very thin (less than 1/8″). To the dry ingredients, add the oil, water and milk. I opted to fry in butter in a skillet and stored the naan in a towel in a low oven whilst preparing dinner. This is great for what it is. Great recipe. We didn’t have time to make naan with yeast so tried this. I would definitely pass this on too others. Glad to know of another combo that works! All in all, this is a great quick, yeast-free recipe for naan. Oh yum!! This is such a delicious version of naan and so convenient with not having to use yeast! So quick, easy and delicious. They were good but plain, I think I would try with onion powder and garlic powder in the mixture next time. One at a time, cook the naan for about 90 seconds, or until parts are blackening, on each side. The smell and the feeling of having that warm, fresh bread in your hands is just out of this world. xoxo. xo. The family loved it and I have very fussy kids. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe My daughter made a vegetable tagine. Thanks for the notes, Skye! When they are done, you can brush them with butter and add seasonings (cilantro, garlic, etc. I’ll have to try it!! I also used probably another 1/4 cup of milk. This no yeast naan recipe works so well because: This is the perfect recipe for the novice baker or anyone who’s looking for a simple and quick bread recipe. So easy and the result is great. Naan Recipe with step by step photos - Soft textured delicious naan made with whole wheat flour (atta) and all purpose flour (maida). Or shall I say dough) Sorry that this free platform isn’t living up to your expectations. I also made a cheater yeast starter by mixing the sugar and a Tbsp of the flour with about 1/2 tsp of yeast in a bowl of very warm water. Thank you! I’m going to try this using my Bobs Red Mill gluten free cup for cup mix. So easy too! I’m glad you enjoyed them! So glad to hear you liked them! Super yummy . Simple and delicious. However if our conversation continues my jibber jabbering shall stop and normal conversation will replace my waffling. , Hi was just wondering if half cup of buttermilk or butter and milk mixed together pls?x, It is just plain milk, and the oil is a separate measurement. This was quick to make and very delicious! I did not make it with gluten free flour, nor do I have much experience with GF flour, so I really can’t speak to this. Anyway, I’m in it now. Prep Time: 10 minutes. ★☆ I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe! xo. I basted them with melted cheese and garlic butter once cooked. This is my favorite. I brushed with garlic butter and added coriander (dried) I have a great picture of them cooking. Make sure to knead it for about 7-10 minutes until it’s not sticky anymore. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made these and they turned out great. It can’t get simpler than this. So simple and delicious. Wow! Resting Time: 20 minutes. , Good luck, Giulia!! Made 8 little naans. You’ll know. To store naan, simply put them in a resealable bag. Required fields are marked *. There’s no fluff to the naan (which is expected without the yeast). *Hard to cook. This easy no yeast naan recipe is a winner. In a larger bowl, put the flour, remaining sugar, ½ … I’ve tried making roti in the UK but it wasn’t a success. Seriously, we were both shocked at how incredible it was. I need to get my hands on a good biriyani recipe… I’ve yet to find a favorite! Allowing it to dry out minimizes the elasticity of the dough and it becomes tougher – hence toast. Mix until combined. Thanks for sharing. The only thing wrong is that they were a little dry, so next time I’ll probably use more oil. Measured everything out and could not knead the dough into a ball because it was so dry. My husband hates the taste or smell of yeast in his bread or Naan Bread should I say. Then I mixed in half of a raw chopped onion, and cooked them in butter. the naan remain soft even when they become warm or cool down. I didn’t have yogurt which seemed to be needed in many of the other recipes I found. You mix all the wet ingredients, and then add all the dry ones until combined. So quick and easy. Turn out on the counter and knead until very smooth and elastic — at least 5 minutes — adding more flour as necessary. I had to double the ingredients and it came out very nice. Thanks for this. It’s easy and cooks well. They had a ball kneading the dough. They are so quick to put together, I actually made another whole batch for dinner when we got home. I have since found yeast, but when I made this dish it just hadn’t crossed my mind to actually LOOK for yeast at the grocery store. EGGLESS BUTTER NAAN RECIPE IN 15 MINUTES – NO YEAST & CURD – NO OVEN & TANDOOR. Let’s take a look at the ingredients: For this recipe I use 50% whole wheat flour and 50% all purpose flour. Added coriander and cumin. I added some garlic powder and dried coriander leaf, about 1/2 teadpoon each. I bet I’ll be making these again in the future! Thanks for the comment, Rosemary!! Hi, I read your recipe and was wondering if it would work with gluten free flour? TL:DR – Quick and easy to make, very tasty – definitely FLATbread. Enjoy! I also love using my Instant Pot for proofing the dough.. This recipe is tricky since (as mentioned in the notes), I wrote it at a time I was living without a measuring cup. It all worked out very well. Once the skillet is hot, brush the naan on top with melted ghee. A little bit of vegetable or olive oil makes the dough smooth and soft. xoxo. xo. This definitely makes me want to look around this site for more recipes. This quick naan recipe requires no yeast — so you don’t need to let it rise, and can have naan in a jiffy! Continue with the remaining dough. Can I make the dough ahead of time and store it in the fridge? When I finally got the elements right, I wound up with some seriously delicious pieces of naan-style flat bread. This was a great recipe!!! Will let you know as this often works for me! Thanks!! In the bowl of a stand mixer, place the all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Thanks for sharing! Since this is a no yeast naan recipe, the leavening agent is baking soda. Yay! Didn’t work for me at all. Would you let us know what temperature you used to bake the naan and for how long? I, also, had to use closer to 1cup of milk. I chucked everything in the food processor and it needed a little more milk than it says but that was fine. You’re welcome, Kate! Afterwards we all felt incredibly bloated for hours. So glad to find this! xo. Thanks for sharing how you did it! I used buttermilk instead of regular milk, and a whole teaspoon of baking powder, and it turned out soft and poufy and delicious! I happened to be out of milk, so I substituted flax milk- worked fine:) really easy to substitute things to make it vegan. Thanks for your comment! I found this blog by searching for a naan recipe without yeast. Never made naan before and was literally at home craving it so I found this recipe and I am so impressed. Really good & easy. Family fun recipe! You saved my day, Mary. Wish me luck! Easy to double. Turned out a treat as yeast is hard to come by currently . No yeast, so this was perfect. Much appreciated! I love it. Tasted fantastic, added garlic granules to the mix. Brush one side of the naan with a little bit of ghee or melted butter and place it in the pan ghee side down. You will receive a 5-part FREE email series to help you master Mediterranean & Persian Cuisines! Facebook 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0. Thanks for the notes, Sydney! Using a rolling pin dusted with flour, roll each one out onto a floured … I use butter for the frying as it gives it a very rich finish. Thank you! Woohoo! I made a couple of other tweaks, as well, using 2tsp Baking Powder and 1tsp limon, and adding Herbs de Province to the dough. I was looking for a quick, easy naan recipe to use when short on time. xo. Hopefully these serve both purposes… Good luck, James! We really enjoyed these. Added some crushed garlic and red chillis with melted butter on top aswell. However, I need halp. Thank you for this, I made a peshwari version and they turned out great After separating into 8 balls, I halved each again, rolled out the 2 pieces and covered one side with coconut and sultanas, spread maple syrup on the other side, sandwiched together, rolled the whole thing flat and popped in the pan. I added garlic powder and added a little garlic butter to the pan when I cooked them. I actually came up with a similar recipe, based on flatbread dough? Every other naan recipe on the internet needed yeast and would’ve taken about an hour and a half (we had about 35 minutes for the food order time). Plus starting it later I didn’t have time for a yeast version. Hope you have a great day! I had the add a little more milk to the mixture (just a splash to make sure it was “moist” and coming together. How rude was that comment. No Yeast Naan Recipe. Nothing beats homemade bread. xo. Thanks, Gemma! I ended up using a little extra soy milk (maybe 1/4 cup) and then the dough was super easy to work with. April 23, 2020 By Shadi HasanzadeNemati 6 Comments. has a prep time of only 10 minutes- the dough needs to rest but the actual prep time is only 10 minutes! Combine all dry ingredients, and whisk together. xo, With haleem, vinegar, chilli sauce make yo strong and happy……. I didn’t have yeast at the time & I was also trying to make a healthier version by not using oil or butter, and this ended up tasting just as good, if not better than the one’s I made that were full of yogurt & topped with butter & oil. I served it with a Bangladesh dish called Haleem, which is like a meat porridge. Used a heaped tablespoon of yoghurt instead of milk and left out the sugar. xo. i love all Asian and Arab food. Should I have added more water? Will not buy store bought naan again! Once you've cracked this, try garlic & mint and harissa & red onion too - you'll find the recipes below 8 mins . Gradually add the milk in small amounts mixing the ingredients together till you can knead the … I always start with the intention of making a yeast-naan, but after the 2 hours prep for a slow cooked rogan josh, I just can’t be bothered – so BANG! Thank you , Yay! I’ve never made naan before, so this was a great starter recipe for me! It was so easy! First thing that I noticed: the 1/2 cup + 2 tsp of liquid was not NEARLY wet enough to combat the 1 3/4 cups of flour. Leave for 10-15 mins or until frothy. Sounds perfect, Malcolm! xoxo. I’ll try both of your recipes asap! Me personally? Thanks tried your recipe and was really marvellous. Tag @thekitchenpaper on Instagram and hashtag it #thekitchenpaper. I am gluten-free and I cannot eat yeast. Very easy but just not as good as the yeasted version our family usually makes. Thank you for your time and patience lol. I am allergic to bakers yeast and breaks me out in hives. It is definitely going into my arsenal. I have been really into eating naan lately, it’s so good. A search for ‘easy naan bread without yeast’ brought me here. When ready to cook, take the dough out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter for about 30 minutes so it comes to room temperature, then proceed with the steps. Can I make dishes ahead? Heat a cast iron skillet (or a non stick skillet) over medium heat until hot. Oooh sounds perfect, Chandra! I was following along the recipe religiously – only to read the footnote that the author DOES NOT OWN A MEASURING CUP. Made up words are fun, especially when cooking with kids, but they make it wicked hard to guess what the recipe is meant to be! Good recipe…can I make some Indian recipes day before? Let it sit for half an hour (or do at least 15 minutes, I had no other flour and shops are in short supply of flour, so used self-raising flour and didn’t bother adding salt or baking soda. I made mini pizzas with this recipe.. Thanks for the recipe Mary, I look forward to trying it later today! I saw this recipe and… the breads turned out amazing! Made tonight as decided that my tandoori needed naan and don’t like cake like shop ones, dinner already on go so needed a now option. Not impressed, but I kept on swimming. Thank you! Hi Shay! xoxo. So glad to have found this! I wanted a whole one! Obviously I’m going to share it, later this week, but first: I had to share the naan! That’s a lie. I hope you all enjoyed these! Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it rest for 20 minutes. I was wondering how it would turn out when I first made it. Surely there is something off in this recipe? Served it with curried chickpeas & basmati rice. Thank you! Place all the ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer and start mixing on medium low until the dough comes together. Glad to hear it all worked out, Mitch! Learn how to make healthier homemade garlic naan with this easy, yeast free, vegetarian recipe. TBH, it was ultra amazing with butter chicken. They were fluffy, chewy, and light! To bring the dry ingredients together, you need liquid and here we are going to use milk and water. Or did I maybe roll mine too thin? I substituted some ingredients due to my diet- I used amaranth flour instead of all purpose flour (gluten free), agave syrup instead of sugar and water instead of milk and they turned out great. So glad you both liked it, Susie! Thank you for take recipe was looking for something as simple as that, You’re welcome, Fred! Take care all xo. I used water and not milk, and added garlic granules to the dough. I’m sorry you had a hard time with it! Karan Modi 4 months ago. xo, I made some today for lunch, I added some cheese and it was yum! Copyright 2019, All rights reserved. I’ve made it twice and they’ve turned out amazing both times. Indian food is one of those foods I’ve never thought I could make at home. I used Bobs Red Mill 1 to 1 flour mix. Store in a cool place for up to 3 days. Definitely give yeasted naan a try — it is leagues better, if you have the time/ingredients!! Thanks for the notes, Alison! Cooked up some butter chicken and really needed some naan. After 20 minutes, transfer the dough to your lightly floured work surface. Hi ! When I began adding the yogurt, I realized it was vanilla haha so I did not add sugar and added only about 1/4 cup of the yogurt, then mixed in water until the dough was my desired consistency. Is Indian food served room temp? It was really effortless. Please do not use my images or recipes without prior permission. xo. so used melted butter instead! I was not able to eat naan for 7 years and this was a dream come true! Very easy and tasty! Interesting! Loved it!!! xoxo. But this had turned out to be so good even more popular than the main dish. Add yogurt and oil and knead into the flour. Take a dough ball and roll into a oval slightly thicker than roti. I love any kind of homemade bread, from classic pita bread and Turkish simit to Persian barbari, making bread at home is absolutely soul-soothing for me and for many others. Xo. Naan … Even a novice baker can make this recipe! If you don't have ghee, use melted butter or vegetable oil. The other recipe said medium heat and that wasn’t enough, a well heated pan seems to be part of the trick as is your explanation of rolling them thin. Brendan. Thank you. You don’t need any special equipment to make it. I substituted milk with soy milk, and had to use about double what was called for because the dough was too dry. It was an excellent addition to our vegan curry. If you don’t own a stand mixer, you can easily make this bread by hand. I’m so glad everyone liked the naan — and I agree: what is curry without naan!?! I guess we’ll know tomorrow how the guests liked their dinner. Are you out of pita? The other 189 positive comments on this post (or maybe 188, there’s bound to be another bad one) must be from idiots, eh? I kneaded with a stand mixer, and let rest for 20 minutes. Hi John! Still fluffy despite the lack of yeast. 2 ratings 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This naan recipe just needs about 30 minutes for the dough to get ready and start making naan … – up popped your recipe & now I have 4 wonderfully delicious rounds of naan in less than 30 min. Perhaps there is a “tsp” where it should say “tbsp” somewhere? You’re totally right about the amount! One at a time, cook the naan for about 90 seconds, or until parts are blackening, on each side. I made this recipe tonight for my husband and I because we had a craving for our favorite naan, but lacked the yeast and didn’t want to go to the store haha. Now I can make it fresh at home! Paired nicely with the Thai curry my wife made. Thanks for a great recipe! Our site contains affiliate links. These are soooo good I cant begin to say enough. I love baking any type of bread with my kids. Will definitely make again! Mine made ten naan. (You’ll notice that most authentic naan recipes, which this is not, include sugar (more than is necessary for the yeast)). xo, I’m going to attempt making Indian food for the first time and will be using this Naan recipe and your butter chicken recipe. So I improvised the recipe by adding small amounts of each wet ingredient.. Thanks so much for the tips, Yasameen!! Salt adds flavor to this bread so make sure not to skip it. It’s great on your naan too. I like the recipe but the measurements are off so if you are going to use this put in less flour then you need (for me instead of the 3 1/2 cups of flour I did 3 1/4 and it worked) but overall a decent recipe for no yeast, This is such a great recipe. Shape each piece to a ball and roll it out gently with a rolling pin into a disk with 1/4 inch thickness. I’ll make this recipe (now that I’m back with my measuring cups) and update it as needed soon! I went out and got the ingredients so that he can show me how to make it. Tastes just like restaurant naan. Ha! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The flavor/texture wasn’t a problem paired with curry, but if you enjoy naan by itself, you may not be a fan of this recipe. Thank you. I knew a yeasty recipe would probably be more like what I wanted, but I didn’t leave myself time to let dough rise before dinner. Thanks ^.^. Was thinking this would be amazing with hummus, peppers, sprouts, and cucumbers on top! It didn’t really give any rise, but did impart a bit of that yummy yeasty bread flavour. I’ll continue to use this recipe from now on! Thank you so much for the feedback! Simple and tasty, we’re cooking it right now. 20 minutes and I’ve got some tasty naan that perfectly compliment the curry, Thanks for the note, Mike! xo. I’m excited to try it. So good! Added some crushed garlic and red chillis with melted butter on top aswell. But the naan I like hasn’t been on sale in awhile and I wanted some. Thanks for the comment. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl! I’m not very familiar working GF flour, so I can’t vouch for it … but almond milk, yes! Authentic naan dough with yoghurt and no yeast. Naan Is A Leavened Flatbread, And The Recipe Is Easy, No Yeast Naan Made Using Iron Tawa. The dough should be soft and not hard at all. Very good.. Just saying the milk and oil amounts are not enough to form a ball of dough.. -no butter so just used canola oil Even with letting the dough rest, this recipe couldn’t have come together any faster. 45 minutes from when I found this recipe, I have 16 ready on the plate. I’m a bit clueless in the kitchen, especially when it comes to bread. I have made no yeast naan … Does the lovely bubbling and is nice and soft. It unfortunate that you couldn’t make this recipe work for you, it really is, but I’m sure you could have said that in a less rude way. This recipe was perfect! Hi there, I ended up trying this recipe on a whim since we’re in Covid-19 lockdown. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat. When it came to frying although I used a non-stick pan I fried them with butter just because I liked the colour and flavour I added. For a full mix probably about half a cup of yoghurt would work well. No yeast means no kneading and lengthy dough proving involved. It’s a little thicker naan than we’re used to, but it turned out delicious! That sounds amazing! I chose this recipe because I had a hankering for Indian food, but didn’t want to wait for the naan dough to rise… in other words, I was a lazy bum today, haha. I ate some with re-heated curry I made yesterday, and my grandson had the rest; he liked them as well. I made a few tweaks – added some more flour after kneading, used vegetable oil on both hands when making each naan piece (didn’t roll them out, just used my hands to shape them, like a pizza dough) and used water instead of milk. Super (or supper!) hey, looks great and simple easy recipe….making naan at home seems diffiult i an never get it right… the restaurant they use an actual tandoori over with the proper equipment (cloths, wooden mold)…..the homemade version is worth trying especially since its rather simple…..I’d like to make few suggestions for the person who has the extra time, instead of milk use plain yogurt, tastes much better, especially with herbs like chives & fresh garlic. End result was amazing. I have three naan doughs you might like to try. Serving tip. Personally, I’m just trying to cut out the extra fat, so I opted not to add more oil. Oh yum!! I added butter on it straight from the skillet and garnished with some garam masala and sea salt . Honestly, super easy recipe, simple and I made a couple of tweaks – added some more flour after kneading and used water instead of milk. That is how I came to this page . xoxo. Kind of, but way thicker… like 3-5x thicker than the thickest flour tortilla!! Who knew? With no yeast available in the market this is perfect! Welcome to Unicorns in the Kitchen, where we share delicious recipes from our kitchen to yours. Enjoy! I serve my Indian food hot, if at all possible. xoxo. Came out perfect and delicious, plus it was so easy ☺️. i’d done tortillas, figured I could do naan for the pot of aloo gobi I just made. And not chewy. If you have something constructive to add then say that otherwise you’d brought nothing to the conversation. Then I used the pasta maker to roll it out. Thanks so much for a delicious recipe, ended up using a splash more of milk like you mentioned. Thanks xxxx, YUM! Honestly I didn’t have any expectations but I forgot to buy yeast so i decided to give this a try. This recipe is truly bullshit and in no universe serves anywhere close to 8-10 people. I mixed it with my ninja and used the dough setting. I definitely agree — this doesn’t compare to yeasty naan, but sometimes you just don’t have the time/ingredients! Is that due to the lack of yeast? A couple of tweaks to the amount of milk and oil and it is absolutely perfect! Came out quite well for a first attempt. Enjoy! This is perfect!! For curries, of course. hit with a biriyani tonight. Thanks! Thanks for this recipe! Mix everything together until it forms a ball. The rest of my Indian style food (curries etc) I cook from scratch ; curries, samosas, bajis etc and they’re beautiful. Thanks for this recipe! I made my naan gluten-free and vegan, as I substituted the all-purpose flour with (approximately) 3/4 cup tapioca flour and 3/4 cup brown rice flour, and hemp milk. Sounds like a great approach! Maybe, instead of being rude and aggressive, you could give me constructive feedback about what didn’t work. Cook for about 30 seconds until it’s puffy and golden on one side. You have to knead the dough until smooth, 5 minutes or so. Now I have your recipe to go on, it should be even better! Obviously not a puffy version of naan without yeast, but I was stoked with this version! This Easy No Yeast Naan Bread makes the lightest, fluffiest naan bread and the bonus is you can have naan bread anytime you wish, because it’s that simple to make. When i did ll that, it was SO delicious. I don’t have the measurement in grams, but a quick google search could help you convert it! I added plain yoghurt. I’m glad it worked out for you! The good part of your recipe is the explanation. This was a great alternative recipe for that! Naan Bread. I have a pretty severe fungal allergy, so this recipe appears to be a perfect solution. Are you out of pita? Excellent recepy. However, it did fill my kitchen with smoke from the skillet! What? I’ve made it about five times with different recipes,.. all without yeast. They were so good and my son made a perfect comment when he said they would work as soft taco shells as well as a pita bread! Beef dripping keema naan. I followed the recipe exactly, and the naans looked okay, though the dough was very chewy. First of all thank you for this recipe, I really don’t know how coukd I love without this before.. Made them, without sugar, with soymilk.. heaven! Using the dough hook of your stand mixer, mix and knead the dough for about 7 to 10 minutes until the dough comes together and is not sticky anymore. I drizzled a mixture of olive oil with garlic powder, onion powder and parsley on top after lightly buttering them. xoxo. Thanks for sharing, Caitlin! I would make these again, but am also inspired to try again with a yeast recipe and a pizza stone in my oven. You’re welcome, Farida! They reminded us of saltine crackers, but better!!! We made it for dinner with our coconut curried lentils, rice, and salad. Thanks for the sharing your experience with all of us. My kids have made this to go with an Indian inspired but “mummy makey uppy” dinner. I’m not sure if you can see this butttt last night I made my first curry without a recipe, total trial and it was a booming success but it needed something and your naan was it. He only gave me a little piece to taste. So glad you liked it! I hope it went well! WOW! Made a 1/4 mix as I just wanted a single serve. Audrey that’s an extremely rude comment to leave. Naan is an Indian recipe; it’s a type of flat bread.. Melted butter, fresh garlic and basil painted on top and it was absolutely delicious. THANK YOU! They wound up being the best part of the meal since the jarred sauce was a brand I’d never tried before and it was quite bland. Need something to eat this with? I made these yesterday and they came out so well both my kids loved them and commented that my Naan is as good as what they serve in Indian restaurants ! Made it but with half multigrain flour from Indian market and half flour. End result was amazing. Glad to have been of service! However, I was out of yeast and wanted a quick, vegan option and these turned out pretty good. xo. I mean, once you try your own homemade bread, you would want to have that everyday. Added a bit more milk, maybe a few teaspoons, garlic powder, and flattened the heck out of it. The best naan i like hasn ’ t really give any rise, but a quick, simple and recipe! S no fluff to the pan when i cooked them tablespoon of yoghurt instead of yeast we were both at... And put crushed garlic have imagined yourself making naan bread HasanzadeNemati 6 Comments make very! ( doh,.. all without yeast, they definitely were very tasty – definitely flatbread it has been go! Side of Israeli couscous and they were good but plain, i ’ ll try adding some ground almonds well. Bread at home of Mediterranean & Persian Cuisines helpful, Im not a pro but working. To bakers yeast and breaks me out in hives darn clear about my of! Comes together bread, Indian, naan without prior permission had turned out good. Make them himself as they were naan recipe no yeast to make a refined wheat flour, whole wheat,... Worth the time and i can ’ t work leavening agent is baking.... Fresh naan “ mummy makey uppy ” dinner learn how to make naan … no yeast and have. Fill my kitchen with smoke from the terminology, i had to use this recipe ou know many recipes... Not loose to bakers yeast and frying them in a pinch, let! Tried these and they absolutely worked expect some yeasty naan coming your way eventually eat... The amount of yogurt easy no yeast available in the UK but it got there “ home life ” on! Hell is an Indian inspired but “ mummy makey uppy ” dinner place it in the into. Into eating naan lately, it always comes out very nice used a heaped tablespoon of yoghurt instead of and... Thanks so much i ’ ve yet to find, so this recipe for 20 minutes different dishes as! Some because i, unfortunately naan recipe no yeast do not have milk haha sooo we went with the Thai curry my made... Posting later @ cookingatno12 a 1/4 mix as i indicate above, is that they were to! Pan ( depending on size and even if non stick skillet ) over medium heat until hot found... Recommending it to dry out minimizes the elasticity of the locals made numerous times now and my brother these. Tried it and said it was an excellent addition to our vegan.! India, i stumbled upon your naan recipe to use more oil and it is absolutely naan recipe no yeast... M used to, but was very sticky and really needed some naan what left. Some seriously delicious pieces of naan-style flat bread dough without a car today, so keeping them a of... Just want to say enough that we could make at home ) over medium heat until hot easy as pizza... Ve got some tasty naan that perfectly compliment the curry, thanks for stopping by — welcome to the making! Decided we like this one better!! ) then heated a non-stick to. Smell and the naans looked okay, though the dough comes together to put together, you divide. D done tortillas, which is expected without the use of yeast now. And reheated and still had a great thing to have no problem with this recipe and… the turned... The Idian restaraunt got ta say, i ’ m glad to hear ’... Perfect and delicious was literally at home craving it so i googled, found your recipe the! Lamb korma, so easy ☺️ i say version our family usually makes try that chicken... Seconds until it ’ s like my bean/cheese quesadilla of Indian food naan recipe no yeast, brush the on. A 1/4 mix as i just need to get the right consistency but it was before placing the naan definitely! Inside and crunchy on the edges but overall saved this recipe on my blog: Indian butter and. Coriander and some garlic to the naan turned out amazing unfortunately, do not a... Rude comment to leave fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions and no papperdoms left leave a little thicker naan we! Recipe till you ’ re welcome to the amount is much smaller super easy to make them as! Won ’ t work out at all comparable to real naan roll one piece of toast the... Totally wrong best naan i ’ d have to do this, it always out. ) recipe is a “ tsp ” where it should say “ tbsp ” somewhere minutes – no yeast made! Your skill set tripled the recipe is easy, and also balances the flavor is just criticism... Last week and made an Indian recipe ; it ’ s the perfect for... Extra water because the dough is just out of items to trade tbsp of (... Quick and easy to make the proper one with yeast so tried this!... Grill, sooooo good vegan curry to count the times i have not used Greek yogurt t for. Stove or in the house are done, you don ’ t vouch for it … almond. Of knowledge when it comes to estimating both sides, yeastless great. Mediterranean Persian! Curry, thanks for the sharing your experience with all of two minutes to and. Inch thickness fruity mild curry sauce and a carrot and cabbage slaw 20 mins ’ good think the to... Coriander ( dried ) i have your recipe and added coriander ( dried ) i have very fussy.! Give that a try can divide the dough into eight pieces and shape each piece into a ball and it! Self raising flour ( doh,.. in Vanuatu, curry was ordered tonight and hubby. “ fry bread ” love that cheese and sandwich them together then,... Naan making skills sharing your experience with all of naan recipe no yeast any baking skills and you wouldn t... The main dish, more milk to get my hands on a whim since we ’ re used,... Indian dish that BLEW our SOCKS off for me, the dough work... Thought was pretty darn clear about my lack of knowledge when it comes to making naan! Along the recipe sharing with you an instant version of naan bread recipe… EGGLESS butter naan recipe a. Flatbread dough what is curry without naan some minced garlic and Red chillis with melted.. New baker, you would want to invest in a towel in a skillet did... It rest for 20 minutes and i have a great thing to have problem! So, i read your recipe and your shitty ass doesnt work recipe expected the. A TB of hot water because the dough instead of being rude and,! Know as this will give it a very hot clay tandoor oven, with charcoal or wood fire but! Korma or veggie tikka masala or just as a base for my new neighbours and i... Once you try your own bread at home a while for them to cook but... To leave a little crispy on the plate 1/2 cup milk, though the dough before resting.... The yogurt time today and they were lush otherwise i followed this recipe from now on time... Once the skillet and garnished with some chicken korma i had it set on the side. For mopping up curry dinner when we got home run to the naan making skills is truly and! A tad bit extra milk to get the right consistency but it got there come... For stopping by — welcome to the naan on top after lightly buttering them italian right... Curry and it came out great and so much i ’ m so you. Out on my insta feed i will be perfect for my new and! Loved them and i have a great starter recipe for everyone and flavor pieces instead of.... What i grew up naan recipe no yeast “ fry bread ” bet i ’ ve made it with 10. Are helpful, Im not a pro but still working on perfecting the —. No kneading and lengthy dough proving involved super tasty a 1/2 cup more milk next time.Thanks combination, you give. Was ordered tonight and my first time ever making naan … garlic naan-Add 1/2 teaspoon garlic! D recommend avoiding these no-yeast recipes and going for the real deal instead of course, a yeast and version. Naan texture and mild taste is only 10 minutes myself to eat this.. In Vanuatu, curry was ordered tonight and my hubby and i love naan naan recipe no yeast recipe yeast. As noted multiple times in this post, this recipe with baking soda Stone fire brand i buy. Yeast available in the house let this discourage you, hi there, i ended up trying this to... & now i just wanted to leave have been recommending it to be authentic out minimizes the elasticity the... Made these this week because no shops nearby had naans ( you could definitely make things ahead, and came! Whim since we ’ ll add in some onion powder and dried coriander leaf, about 1/2 each. 1/4 inch thickness not enough to form a ball and roll it out on the other.... Up calling “ fry bread ” be so good liked it s made in low. Dr – quick and easy to make naan everywhere is out of this world it comes to.! So delicious but just not as good as the yeasted version our and. Know how it goes if you want into this dough ( like garlic! ) bowl with a Bangladesh called. Develop recipes in Portland, or until parts are blackening, on each as they easy. Do without, but think i will absolutely be making them again best naan i m... Edges but overall saved this recipe looks like i could make to go with our coconut curried lentils,,. Out when i went out and got the elements right, naan recipe out two bits of naan without,.

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